Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Good Town Halls in Guthrie Center, Harlan and Audubon. We talked about HSUS, climate change legislation, price and cost volatility in agriculture and livestock regulations.

Crops looked great - only have 4 more months to go for a great harvest... Plenty of problems can come, but things look good so far.

A great no-till field day near Shelby. Around 200 folks there learning how to save soil and grow great crops. Good folks making things happen. And a good steak sandwich for lunch!

We did have time to swing by Hamlin for a pork tenderloin, winner of the 2003 best pork tenderloin in Iowa. I've got to say it was great.

An event at Duane and Shirley Acker's home was a great finish to a busy day. They hosted an event for me in their shop. They are wonderful hosts and had a great crowd there. My Mom and Dad drove down from Spirit Lake for the evening! We all had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone for being there and for all your support.